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History Matters is a shared blog from the Department of History, University of Sheffield. Written by Sheffield historians (staff, students, alumni, and friends), here you’ll find cutting-edge research, the history behind the headlines, and why we think history really matters.

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  1. Hello!
    Many years ago I came into possession of a large number of History Matters badges. I am doing a talk on the Sufragettes to a group of primary children next week and was wondering if you still produced them and how I would be able to obtain them.
    Many thanks
    Pauline Brennan ( former secondary history teacher)

  2. Hi!
    I’m a direct descendant of the Tinsley family who originally hail from Sheffield, envirions, , and am resident in Australia. I’ve read with vested interest that your university undertook a joint project with the Wessex archaeology foundation to uncover the 12 and 13 century Tinsley manor , currently underneath Tinsley Junior High School grounds. Given that your project got underway in 2014, I’m assuming that the project has achieved its aims seven years down the track in 2021, so I’d love to read about the findings and conclusions of said project as it may well help me w unravelling the lineage of the Tinsley clan between the Norman conquest and the 16 century.

    Tim Murphy
    Melbourne, Au

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