Suffragette: The Forrest Gump of Feminism

By Lucy Delap and Julie Gottlieb The recent release of the film Suffragette is politically and historically significant. A number of centenaries have now passed: the formation of the Women's Social and Political Union (1903) and of the adoption of
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Donald Trump: Galenic enthusiast?

Last weekend, Republican Presidential Candidate Hopeful Donald Trump caused outcry in America, when he stated in an interview with CNN that Megyn Kelly, one of his interviewers for the Republican Hustings on the previous Thursday
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Right Wing Women: a feminist issue?

Last month, Madonna uploaded an image of Margaret Thatcher, captioned with the words ‘Rebel Heart’. A seemingly innocuous thing to do and a slightly inane point you may think. However, it garnered a hostile response.
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Are we done with ironing?

'Do you iron?' We were lying by the pool, so my friend’s question was an unexpected one. She herself is a non-ironer, and she seemed to be gauging whether this makes her a bad person.
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