Where are all the plain-speaking Englishmen?

During last week’s by-election in Oldham and West Royton, commentators criticised the apparent inability of a large number of constituents to speak English. In the lead-up to the poll, the Guardian’s Northern Correspondent tweeted: A dismaying number
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Historical Fiction and Fictional History

Being both a historical novelist and a professional historian, I’m often asked how I manage to combine ‘fictional’ and ‘real’ history – and even whether they can be combined, or will forever be mismatched bedfellows.
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Stuttgart psalter royal couple

Is the Pope a Catholic?

According to the morning headlines, today Pope Francis is set to announce an overhaul of the rules governing marriage that apply, in principle anyway, to the world’s one billion Catholics. The intention is to make
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Donald Trump: Galenic enthusiast?

Last weekend, Republican Presidential Candidate Hopeful Donald Trump caused outcry in America, when he stated in an interview with CNN that Megyn Kelly, one of his interviewers for the Republican Hustings on the previous Thursday
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