The Cato Street Conspiracy, 1820

In the early evening of 23 February 1820, some twenty men assembled in a small hayloft above a stable in Cato Street, off the Edgware Road in London. They were led by Arthur Thistlewood, a
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When did the Russian Revolution end?

With the exception of war, anniversaries are often about beginnings. Last week, it was 500 years since Martin Luther posted (or perhaps didn’t) his 95 theses to the door of Wittenberg’s Castle Church. This week,
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Political Extremes: Too Hot to Handle?

David Cameron’s admission this week that RAF drones killed British nationals in Syria has once again raised the question of how we handle political extremism. This debate not only addresses the appeal of violent jihad
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England, Arise by Juliet Barker: the reviews

From the author of Agincourt comes a new interpretation of the Peasant's Revolt. Two University of Sheffield second-year history undergraduates put it to the test: Frankie Baldwin, 2nd year history student Juliet Barker’s England Arise begins at the
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